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  • enterprise software solutions

    Why Apps Are Very Important In Your Life

    A mobile app is a term that is used for applications made for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Whenever a new mobile device is released, manufacturers will brag about how speedy it is, how long the battery life is, how nice and big the screen is, how thin it is, how beautiful looking it […]

  • mobile app development

    The Mobile App Development Velvetech

    With the rapid advancements in the technologies, the people are more comfortable with the mobile usage, rather than the PCs. These advancements have made it mandatory for all the businesses to have a mobile application for their business. For people who are looking for custom mobile app development services, Velvetech is the perfect solution. With […]

  • Instagram hack

    Best social media hacker app for secure activity tracking

    Here in this article we are going to discuss the mostly searched topic of social media hacking. Many people want to hack someone’s account to get some personal information about the person. Many people are using instargram worldwide. Here you will come to know about the simplest way of hacking someone’s instagram account. If you […]

  • Instagram hack

    Hacking Instagram Account In Easiest Way 

    Using an online Instagram hacking wizard app, it is just easy to hack an account because the interface is just a basic thing to do that even a child can use it. 2018’s How to Hack an Instagram Account If ever you wanted to hack an Instagram account then there is good news because you […]

  • animation company

    Best video explainer for business growth

    You are at the right place if you are looking for stunning video explainer for improving marketing strategies. Animated Ants provides the way to convey your message to the masses in an affordable budget. We are the best in explainer videos for business. Our team is the structured work force and is very hard working. […]

  • explainer videos for business

    What It Takes To Pull Off A Good Marketing Project

    Marketing is the act of promoting a certain product or services, its an essential part of any business especially today where marketing is a tad bit cheaper now. This is because of the internet where ad and marketing are cheaper and even to some extent are free thanks to social media. With how marketing is […]

  • Lie Detector Test

    How to Detect Lies in Handwriting

    Lies are not unfathomable but if they are against the law and legal premise of the place you are residing, you sure are in trouble. Hiding facts, half-truths, covering up with false information and misrepresentation all amounts to felony. It is not socially accurate and morally incomprehensible to push truth out of the window and […]

  • Rewards of Polygraph Testing for UK Employers

    The Rewards of Polygraph Testing for UK Employers

    Polygraph examination or testing is a commonly known sophisticated procedure which calls for state of the art equipment, seasoned, and skilled examiners and several parameters to measure indicators in an individual to evaluate if they are lying or telling the truth about an issue. Although the use of this tool is widespread in the United […]

  • My IP

    How Do I Find My IP? Here’s How

    An Internet Protocol Address or IP Address is used to identify computing devices such as personal computers, tablets, and smartphones and communicate with other devices in the network. An IP address is like a street address or telephone number used to uniquely identify an entity. A traditional IP address uses a 32-bit number that defines […]

  • Significance of static IP address

    Significance of static IP address

    There will be an IP address to each and every individual system with its respective broadband connection if enabled. You can also derive a proxy IP address from third party companies too for hiding your own IP address. If the hackers or website trackers those who track your IP address cannot detect your actual IP […]

  • Good and Trustworthy VPN

    What Makes a Good and Trustworthy VPN

    Today, Internet security is a major thing. A secure, safe and private connection via the web definitely gives a peace of mind to all the users. This makes VPN the hottest thing. But what is a VPN? Simply put, a VPN or known as Virtual Private Network involves discrete networks which businesses, professionals, and even […]

  • use VPN service

    TorGuard VPN Review 2018: My VPN of choice

    We all want confidentiality in our life, and it has converted a need for our online activities too, we don’t want anybody snooping round in our internet exploration details. It is a big break of privacy. A thought of somebody watching all our internet actions is very creepy plus uncomfortable. However, the sad fact is […]